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TREX at LPSC 2022

The TREX team shared results of the first field season at LPSC 2022 in the Woodlands, Texas. TREX team members Neil Pearson, Eldar Noe Dobrea, Amanda Hendrix, Faith Vilas, Roger Clark, Maria Banks, and Sanlyn Buxner presented their...

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TREX Team celebrates successful first field season!

After a one-and-one-half-year delay and years of planning and preparation, the TREX team – led by PSI Senior Scientist Amanda Hendrix – come together in Flagstaff, Arizona to conduct field testing of multiple scientific instruments, including cameras, as the project...

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New paper published!

A review article about the interaction of water exospheres with the surfaces of the Moon, Mercury, and Ceres is now published. The authors include members from six SSERVI teams (TREX, LEADER, REVEALS, ICE FIVE-O, GEODES, VORTICES) as well as international colleagues....

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