TREX Outreach

Our program engages students and the public through a variety of programs that engage our local communities through our distributed network of researchers, through museum partners, and with new and social media programs. Below we list out our key projects.

  • Engaging Artists: Jamie Molaro will work with her network of science-based artists in the Southern California and Southwest region. The goal of this area of TREX outreach is to create an art fellowship where 1-2 artists participate on TREX field programs to create art projects based on TREX exploration concepts
  • Meteorite Outreach Kits: The Planetary Science Institute has over 10 years of experience curating rocks kits, including meteorite kits, impact rocks, desert rocks and volcanic rocks. These kits have been used for hundreds of outreach events across the country and include samples from the Moon, Vesta, and other asteroids. Each set of samples is protected in a Pelican Box and comes with posters and handouts for interpretation. PSI has worked with numerous museums to create support materials for interpretation and has trained hundreds of volunteers with varying science expertise, to engage the public with such kits.
  • Space Communicators Workshop for Disabled Writers: Jennifer Grier will implement a workshop to promote and support disabled writers interested in space science. The goal of the workshop is to create a supportive network for writers to engage with TREX/SSERVI/PSI scientists and to provide a new voice in space science to the public that includes disability and other intersectional concerns. Overall, we seek to provide a positive view of science and the scientific process and help the general public develop understanding of science and trust in science process an increase the vectors by which the general public encounters informed and positive views of science (social media, advocacy groups, writer’s platforms, creative writing, etc.).
  • Student Biographers: As part of our science engagement programs, we recruited students to interview and prepare biographies of our team scientists. This work was done in collaboration with in Mrs. Laura Childs, International Baccalaureate Coordinator at Edgewood High School by the students listed below.
Dr Amanda Hendrix (right) explains science to kids in Boulder, CO.

Past Events

  • Outreach, May 2018
    Maria Banks ran activities and performed the “The Star Spangled Banner,” at the NASA at Fenway event for school children. (Organized by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter team)
  • Flash Talk, December 2017
    Amanda Hendrix, “Preparing for new astronaut footprints: NASA’s TREX team,” at he NASA booth at the American Geophysical Union meeting in New Orleans, LA.
  • Seminar, October 2017
    Amanda Hendrix, “The Moon: Our Closest Neighbor,” at the Colorado School of Mines, hosted by IMAPCT Co-I Angel Abbud-Madrid.
  • Seminar, September 2017
    Lynnae Quick, Identifying locations of volatiles near volcanic constructs at equatorial latitudes on the lunar surface. Presented at Howard University. In addition to giving her talk, she recruited undergrads to help on TREX tasks.
  • Public Talk, August 2017
    Amanda Hendrix, “Learning about our Moon during the Eclipse”, at a K-12 school in Dubois, WY. In addition to giving her talk, Hendrix handed out SSERVI eclipse glasses and LRO/NASA/Moon swag. Some of the students were involved in CATE projects.