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Exploring the Moon from Orbit (1/17/2020)

On January 17, 2020, TREX’s Ryan Watkins spoke at the St Louis Astronomical Society meeting. In this 45 min presentation, Watkins focused on the big scientific discoveries from Apollo, and how we use LRO to evaluate potential future landing sites for human and robotic landed missions. According to Watkins: Apollo was one of, if not […]

TREX at the Lunar Polar Volatiles Workshop

Norbert Schorghofer: Transport in the Lunar Water Exosphere Noah Petro: LRO Next Steps in Constraining Lunar Polar Volatiles Amanda Hendrix: A Review of Diurnally-Varying Lunar Hydration Signatures

TREX at the Exploration Science Forum

Darby Dyar Wins the Eugene Shoemaker Distinguished Scientist Medal Ryan Watkins: Photometry, Mineralogy and Optical Maturity of Lunar Surface Features Norbert Schorghofer: Conditions for Retention of Water on Near-Earth Objects Faith Vilas: Primitive Asteroids in the UV/Blue: Extending UV Spacecraft Spectra with Ground-Based Spectra Noah Petro: Volcanic Fissure and Associated Deposit on the North Massif of the Taurus-Littrow Valley: […]