Making Space

Making Space is a multi-day workshop about space, sciart, and making where we use art as a tool to understand and communicate scientific concepts and explore humanity’s relationship to space. You will learn about data-driven art and create your own work which incorporates and communicates scientific data or ideas you’ve learned about during the week. Participants will be encouraged to display their work(s) at an art exhibition the following year coordinated or facilitated by us. This workshop is targeted towards an adult audience of hobbyist and professional artists, makers, scientists/engineers, science educators, and communicators. In this interdisciplinary course, we will:

  • Learn about topics in astronomy/planetary science
  • Learn how to access public tools and data from spacecraft missions
  • Engage in collaborative art-making and discussion activities
  • Explore the relationship between space, science, art, and society
  • Choose between available art “labs” that model how to create science focused works
  • Make and present your own piece of science-driven artwork at the end of the workshop

Participants in this workshop will benefit from some background in either art and/or science, but no specific level in either is required. The mixed audience will enable participants to learn from each other through the discussions and art-making activities. We will accommodate any art medium that is practical within venue constraints, including 2/3D visual arts, writing, music, and dance. Workshops will be held in person following all local COVID-19 mandates and proof of vaccination is required to attend. Registrations will be capped at ~25 participants and have a $100 fee (financial assistance is available). Fill out the Application to apply for one of the workshops or the Indication of Interest to be notified when new workshops are scheduled. For questions, contact Jamie Molaro (


Tucson, AZ [details]April 15-17, 2022See pictures from the event!
Pasadena, CASpring 2023In the works!!
Denver, CO; Seattle WATBDTBD

These workshops are supported by the TREX and Project ESPRESSO nodes of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI).

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About the Instructor: Dr. Jamie L. Molaro is a planetary scientist with the Planetary Science Institute and affiliated with the Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory who studies the way that landscapes evolve on the rocky and icy surfaces of asteroids, comets, and moons. She’s also a team member on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission to retrieve a sample of rock from an asteroid. Jamie has organized numerous art exhibitions through her work founding The Art of Planetary Science, an annual science-focused art show which you can also read about on her website. She creates her own works in a variety of mediums including paper and embroidery that use spacecraft data in interesting ways, both to explore her own connection to other worlds and show a new side of them to others.