TREX at the Exploration Science Forum

Darby Dyar Wins the Eugene Shoemaker Distinguished Scientist Medal

Ryan Watkins: Photometry, Mineralogy and Optical Maturity of Lunar Surface Features

Norbert Schorghofer: Conditions for Retention of Water on Near-Earth Objects

Faith Vilas: Primitive Asteroids in the UV/Blue: Extending UV Spacecraft Spectra with Ground-Based Spectra

Noah Petro: Volcanic Fissure and Associated Deposit on the North Massif of the Taurus-Littrow Valley: Source of the Apollo 17 VLT Basalts?

Melissa Lane: Development of a Fine-Particle Spectral Library

Eldar Noe Dobrea: Robotic Decision-Making in a Fine-Grained Environment

Amanda Hendrix: LRO LAMP Observes Diurnally-Migrating Water on the Moon