TREX team members visit Iceland to Discuss Ryugu Sample Analyses with the Stone Team

TREX team member Deborah Domingue recently traveled to Iceland to participate in the hybrid meeting of the Stone Team, an international group of sample scientists and researchers lead by Tomoki Nakamura from Tohoku University in Sendai, Miyagi Japan. The asteroid (162173) Ryugu was visited by JAXA/ISAS’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft, which touched down on its surface twice collecting samples. These samples were returned to Earth on December 6, 2020, and the large grains from both sample sites have been under investigation by the Stone team. TREX team members Faith Vilas and Amanda Hendrix joined the meeting virtually.

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New paper published!

A review article about the interaction of water exospheres with the surfaces of the Moon, Mercury, and Ceres is now published. The authors include members from six SSERVI teams (TREX, LEADER, REVEALS, ICE FIVE-O, GEODES, VORTICES) as well as international colleagues. An armada of spacecraft will be headed to the Moon over the next five years to search for water, so this is a timely subject.

The open-access article is available at:

N. Schörghofer, M. Benna, A.A. Berezhnoy, B. Greenhagen, B.M. Jones, S. Li, T.M. Orlando, P. Prem, O.J. Tucker, C. Wöhler. Water group exospheres and surface interactions on the Moon, Mercury, and Ceres. Space Science Reviews 217, 74 (2021).

Summer and winter peak temperatures (and therefore cold traps) in the south polar region of the Moon